Your feelings—not your conscious wishes—are what create your success. They tell the universe what sort of circumstances to manifest for you. If you want positive circumstances to show up, you need to be consistently happy and positive. It sounds easy, but many struggle with this advice.

Fortunately, feeling happy and positive in any situation is a skill that can be learned.

Author, radio host, and success coach Richard Levy is ready to teach your group to manifest success by actively choosing happiness every day. His inspiring talk, “Happiness Makes Success… Not The Other Way Around,” explains precisely how.

  • Richard first shares his own story of challenge and heartbreak, having grown up in a family torn apart by a bitter divorce. As he learned to overcome obstacles and rise above difficulty, he developed a foolproof system for achieving success that allowed him to leave behind the sadness of his past and consciously create the life of his dreams.
  • The vivid imagery, real-life examples, and clever analogies in this talk bring the teachings to life and make lessons memorable
  • Discover the tricks to setting goals that will actually generate results.
  • Learn Richard’s simple, effective strategies for overcoming negativity.
  • Become empowered to change your consciousness to one of wealth and success.
  • Richard is available to speak for groups from 100 to 5,000 people.

Get started learning with Richard today.

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