7 Steps to Success

Follow these 7 Steps and Your Life Will NOT be the same!

Vision boards on the walls. Written goals—short sentences, with dates. Visualization of those goals, and recitation of them with feeling, many times a day. Affirmations read, felt, and believed every morning and night. Five statements of gratefulness written in the morning and again in the evening.

Maximize your time with positive, successful, appreciative, grateful people. Minimize your time with negative, complaining, judgmental, blaming, selfish people—or avoid them altogether.

Discipline yourself to carry out these practices every day. Busyness does not get in the way of thinking about success and wealth. On the contrary, daily thoughts of success and wealth get in the way of busyness.

Seems like an easy plan for success. It works for me. It works for millions of people.

Then why do millions of people not have success and wealth?


Watch this video to discover the answer to that question:


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